UK travel resolutions for 2022

It’s that time again… time when many of us start setting goals and resolutions for the year ahead.

Resolutions aren’t for everyone and there doesn’t need to be any pressure to make huge, sweeping changes to our lives, but the start of the new year is traditionally a great time to take stock of things and see where we might want to improve things moving forward.

So, let’s talk travel resolutions. After numerous lockdowns and an ongoing pandemic, it’s safe to assume that many of us haven’t ventured very far over the last couple of years. However, with restrictions easing and a sense of normality resuming, it’s fair to say that travel may be at the top of everyone’s list when they think about the year ahead.

Does this resonate with you? If so, why not make your resolutions more specific and tangible, rather than vague and difficult to tackle. And if you need a little help, we’ve put together a number of resolutions that are sure to help you achieve your UK travel goals.

1. Go to at least one new place

You don’t have to travel far to tick this one off. You might want to go to a nearby city or town you’ve never visited, a new park or museum… you get the drift. The UK is full of beautiful holiday locations and cultural attractions that are just a small road trip away. Check out our staycation ideas and hidden gems here.

2. Step outside your comfort zone

Travel isn’t just about relaxing and having fun, it’s also about expanding your horizons and trying new experiences. The idea isn’t to stress yourself out, but to challenge yourself and push at least one personal boundary. There’s plenty of new activities to try here in the UK – surfing on the east coast of Scotland, coasteering in Cornwall, go sky diving at Strathallan, go to a music festival, climb a Munro, go gorge-walking in Wales or try wild camping in the north of Scotland.

3. Stay somewhere unique

Gone are the days of hotels being the only accommodation option. These days, you can stay in all sorts of places, from treehouses to lighthouses to igloos. This year you might want to try and stay somewhere different to your usual choice, and the UK has many off-beat accommodation options available. You could try a hobbit house in Shropshire, a converted bus in the Lake District, a pod by Loch Tay or Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s cottage in Inverness.

4. Plan a solo trip

Solo travel may seem daunting at first but can prove very rewarding. Of course, it’s important to plan ahead, but travelling on your own gives you a great deal of freedom and independence, as well as an opportunity to learn about yourself and the wider world. It’s not for everyone, but you’ll never know until you try it – a solo weekend trip in the UK would be a good idea before you commit to anything longer.

5. Travel with a loved one

On the other hand, it’s also great to share travel moments with people you love. We’re not talking about taking your whole extended family on a trip, instead you might want to tick items off the bucket list with a friend or family member and make some memories in the process.

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6. Try a local delicacy

Not everyone is an adventurous eater, but there’s a fair chance that you’ll come across some local specialities on your travels. In Scotland, you could be treated to some fresh seafood on the coast. Elsewhere you might come across Welsh rarebit, pease pudding in the North East, jellied eels down south or Yorkshire moggy cake. Of course, we’d recommend spending some time before you leave on your trip to research top places to eat, as well as the dishes that local people are most likely to enjoy.

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