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5 ways to be a really amazing driving companion

There’s more to being a driver buddy than giving directions…

1. Prepare all the best snacks

While the driver is doing their thing, your responsibility is to supply them with quality snacks and drinks. They need to have enough energy to get you there! Personal favorites are (naturally) crisps, smoothies and popcorn – but don’t forget the chocolate too! For longer-term energy and driving focus, though, it’s a good idea to add something healthier to the mix, like oat bars or fruit. In any case, the heavy burden of snack-picking falls onto your shoulders!

Our suggestion - Quavers. They’re light, tasty and you will get to hold the bag and eat half of them yourself.

2. Belt out the best tunes

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been blessed with an Adele-like tone to your voice or not. By law, it is your obligation to sing as loud as you can and be in charge of the tunes. The best driving buddies prepare a playlist (a mix tape if you’re especially cool) and surprise the driver with some absolute bangers for your road trip. The added bonus of your amazing singing is that they will never ever fall asleep on the wheel. It will be impossible.

Our suggestion- My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion - because the song will definitely go on, all the way down the M6.

3. Applaud any parking attempt

Parking is hard. Everyone knows it. Even children know it. So if your driver friend is attempting to park, make sure you’re staying positive and cheering on their parking – especially if it’s parallel parking. Positive reinforcement will make your driver feel happy and secure in their parking skills, even if they are not the best. At least they tried!

Our suggestion - You get extra points if you get out and frantically wave your arms about in an attempt to help them get into the parking space.

4. Be the rubbish monitor

It goes without saying that if you’re the passenger, then you’re also the designated bin person. And that extends beyond that tiny recycle bin that the door pocket on your side has turned into! Now it’s time to shine as the most amazing driving companion; one who cares about the condition and cleanliness of the driver’s car. Get wiping those surfaces and doing a mini on-the-road valet. Bet the driver didn’t expect that, so double points for this one!

Our suggestion – Recycle when you get to the service station, otherwise the car will smell of rotten bananas for years.

5. Actually give decent directions

Giving good directions is really important – sadly using maps on your phone is sometimes not an exact science, so this task can be virtually impossible. However, common sense can always be applied and you can always plan your journey a little bit in advance. What’s more, if you’re not a driver, giving directions and observing signs can be a great way to teach yourself about driving! And don’t be angry if the driver messes up or doesn’t follow your directions precisely – they’re only human.

Our suggestions – Sat navs are great, but use your common sense too.

What you're waiting for? Time for a road trip!

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