Enjoy a free hotel stay

When you book 4 days' car hire

Pick-up by 31st August

How it works

Book your 4 day car hire

Receive your code via email

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Terms and conditions
  1. Offer valid on car hire retail bookings only. Excludes dual control hires.
  2. Car bookings that are hired and take place before 31/08/2019 will qualify for a hotel stay booking code.
  3. Car must be booked for 4 consecutive days and pre-paid to redeem the hotel stay.
  4. Hotel booking code will be issued by email within 48 hours from when the hire is booked.
  5. One voucher code per customer.
  6. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. No alternative options available.
  7. A £20 cancellation fee will be applicable to any cancelled rental reservations once the hotel booking code has been redeemed.
  8. Valid while stocks last.
  9. Hotel booking code must be redeemed within 18 months of the date it is issued.

Arnold Clark Car Rental will use a third party marketing company to fulfil this offer. If you wish to participate in this promotion, we will share only your full name, email address, and booking ID with the third party. The third party will store this information for no more than 20 months, as you have 18 months to fulfil your voucher and they will comply at all times with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. They will use your information in fulfilment of this offer only, they will send you an email with your unique code and will handle the administration of the offer, however, they will not market to you as they do not hold these consents. Full information on what Arnold Clark Car Rental does with your information can be found at the following