Driving tips to help with the school run

Are you preparing for the summer holidays coming to an end?

Order and normality will resume along with the dreaded school run which starts again for another year.

But, dropping the kids off at school doesn’t need to be stressful.

Check out our top tips on how to survive the term time road rush.

Make sure everyone is in the right seat

First thing’s first - if you use child or booster seats, make sure they are fit for purpose and correctly secured.

Pack for success

Dependent on the age of your little ones, pack some healthy treats to distract them and keep them engaged, even on a short journey.

Leave enough time

Setting off for school can be a frustrating and rushed experience. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to get ready in the morning, as a half-eaten breakfast and badly combed hair can put both you and your child in the wrong frame of mind for the start of the day.

It’s not a race

In many areas with local schools the motto is ‘20’s plenty.’ Remember that this the limit, not a target. Always help the school crossing patrol, and you’ll probably receive a friendly wave and smile for your assistance.

Start them while they’re young

Teach your children about road safety so they know how to behave around moving traffic. Setting a good example while in the driving seat will stay with them in preparation for when they learn to drive. Parking in a safe place and walking the last few metres will not just help with congestion; it will also allow you to teach them the right way to cross a road, looking right and left (then right again for us Green Cross code users). Teaching children to use the road sensibly will save lives.

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