How to stay safe on rural roads

Drivers are being urged to pay extra attention on rural road journeys this summer.

Although rural roads carry around 40% of traffic, they account for more than 60% of all road fatalities.

Follow the signs

Make sure you use any existing signage to help you. Usual signs include a series of white chevron signs on a black background, indicating a sharp bend. The more chevrons – and the bigger they are – the sharper the bend. So choose your speed wisely.

Give way

Many country lanes are too narrow for two vehicles to pass safely. So be prepared to reverse into a lay-by or passing place if necessary.

Watch your speed

Choose speeds that are both legal and appropriate. Then you will have more time to react and plan if there is a hazard ahead.

Road surfaces

Country lanes may be in a poor state of repair. At any sign of this be ready for pot holes and other broken surfaces that can seriously damage your vehicle.

Beware of other road users

Give cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders a very slow and wide berth and keep your distance until it becomes safe to drive past.

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