Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental: Our plans to move to electric

Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental is delighted to reveal plans to continue to move towards switching its fleet to electric.

At the moment, we have around 500 self-charging hybrids, which are very similar to traditional cars, available to hire, including the Hyundai IONIQ, Hyundai KONA, Toyota C-HR and Toyota Corolla.

Self-charging hybrids intelligently switch between a petrol engine and an electric battery, resulting in up to 50 per cent travel time in electric mode with no need to plug in.

Self-charging hybrids have a traditional petrol engine, an electric motor and a small battery pack which work together. When you press the brakes to slow down, the energy is recovered by turning the motor into a generator to top up the battery. The electric motor kicks in as you start the engine, and the electric motor can boost the petrol engine when you want some extra acceleration.

Our self-charging hybrids in the Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental fleet are automatic drive.

While the number of plug-in hybrids in the fleet continues to increase, a number of fully electric vehicles will also be added.

Earlier this year, Arnold Clark opened our Innovation Centre, with the aim of educating and explaining the benefits of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) while highlighting the great and ever-expanding line-up currently available.

The centre was unveiled on Dumbarton Road in Glasgow's west end, thanks to a £5million investment from the motoring giant.

There are over 60 electric vehicles on display at the former showroom, including the Volkswagen ID.4, Mercedes EQC, MINI Electric, Hyundai Kona, Kia e-Niro, BMW X2, and BMW i3.

There will be no sales at the site, which is specifically an innovation, information, and educational centre.

However, customers can book a test drive to experience an electric vehicle for themselves by signing up via the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre website.

The Innovation Centre is ready to welcome visitors and is open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm and 11am to 6pm on Sundays.

To get in touch, or to find out more info, call us on 0141 237 4374, email or visit here.

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