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You can now hire hourly online!

Whether you live in the city centre, work from home or prefer to travel on two wheels, you might not need to have a car permanently parked in your driveway. But, with summer fast approaching and lockdown restrictions easing, there are more things you might need short term car hire for.

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A trip to IKEA

Have you ever tried getting on a bus with three billy bookcases and a step stool? It doesn’t make you incredibly popular with other passengers. After a year of confinement at home, its unsurprising that people are choosing to embark on some renovations which inevitably result in multiple shopping trips to everyone’s favourite Swedish store. If you don’t have access to a car and you’re planning to undertake some spring sprucing, check out our hourly hire available on estate cars and SUVS.

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Moving home from university

There’s nothing like carting all your belongings across the country twice a year, never mind having to do it on public transport. While car sharing with a friend might not be an option this year, you can now rent a car for just a few hours to move everything back home. You can even take advantage of one-way hire and drop off the rental car at one of our branches closer to home.

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A weekend activity

Lockdown restrictions are easing and some of the optimists among us are starting to make staycation plans for summer 2021. With the option to book hourly hire online, you can now plan your trip precisely, hire for as long as you need and make the most of your holiday budget.

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A trip to see a loved one

While a staycation sounds delightful, many people are simply looking forward to being reunited with family members and loved ones that they haven’t seen for over a year. Whether you want to avoid public transport, are short for space or simply want a comfier ride, why not rent a car for your trip?

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Test-drive a car you might like

Sometimes you need a bit more than a quick test drive at a branch to decide if a car is the perfect one for you. So why not rent it for a few hours to test it out? It’s a bit like going on holiday to see if you could live there permanently. With hourly hire, you can give yourself as much time as you need, make sure it works for the whole family and be confident about your decision before you make the big choice.

So, if you’re looking for straightforward, flexible car hire, check out our hourly hire options online now.

Disclaimer: this article is only intended to provide a little inspiration and joy for when restrictions are relaxed and it is safe to travel again. Always keep up to date with current government guidelines.

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