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Tips on how to load and unload a removal van

We understand that moving house can be stressful. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide on how to get the most out of your van hire for a smoother move. Follow these tips to make sure your most treasured possessions arrive safely and (hopefully) in as few journeys as possible!

Getting started

  • Don’t pack boxes any heavier than you can carry. This may sound obvious but it’s easy to get carried away!
  • Go crazy with the label marker. The more specific the better. It’s difficult to find a knife and fork when there are five boxes marked ‘kitchen’.
  • Make sure everything is packed and ready to go before collecting your rental van from us – you’ll save time and money.

Loading your removal van

  • Load heavy goods first and distribute them evenly along the floor of the van. Uneven distribution will affect a van’s handling and can be dangerous.
  • Dismantle large items like tables and cabinets to lower the van’s centre of gravity.
  • Ensure fragile items like mirrors are properly secured along the van’s inner side panel.
  • Use all the available space by packing smaller items under chairs and inside empty drawers.
  • Create a barrier between the loading area and front cab by using a mesh net or piece of plywood. This will stop items flying through to the front if you need to brake harshly.

Driving your removal van safely

It goes without saying that driving a van is a very different experience to driving a car. You’ll need to adjust your driving style accordingly.

  • Be careful when speeding up and slowing down as items, no matter how securely they’re stored, can move around inside the van.
  • Be mindful that your steering will be affected when driving a van with a heavy load. It can be unpredictable and turn more or less than you’d anticipate.
  • Take the time to familiarise yourself with the positioning of the mirrors and adjust them to suit your driving position. You don’t want to panic at a busy junction when you realise there’s no rear-view mirror!

Unloading your van

  • Pick the right parking spot. Unload in a space that’s free from oncoming traffic and won’t cause too much disturbance. You don’t want to annoy your new neighbours before you’ve even moved in!
  • Check all the items before unloading as they may have moved during the journey and larger items are likely to fall over.
  • Wear gloves when unloading the van. There may be broken glass or debris from items broken during the journey and it’s common to get splinters.
  • Plan out where things will be going before you take them out of the van. This will save you moving things twice.

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