Three top tips for a memorable road trip

As we head for the summer holidays, you might be thinking about a road trip.

And in the UK, we have some stunning spots, which make for the perfect backdrop to your journey.

At Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental, we can help you enjoy the ultimate road trip this summer.

Whether you’re hiring a car for a family road trip or flying solo for a short getaway, we’re proud to offer expert vehicle hire to customers from all over the world.

With more than 35 branches across the UK, we can also provide hourly hire and hassle-free online booking; we always aim to make our rental service as simple as possible for our customers.

Below, leading cognitive scientist, Dr Martha Newson looks at three ways you can make sure to have a memorable journey this summer.

1. Choose your car snacks wisely

Opt for higher protein treats like nuts or cheese over sugary snacks or refined carbs, as regular sugar consumption is associated with poorer memory. Dark chocolate at least 70% in cocoa is the exception to this rule because it is rich in flavonoids, which help to increase blood supply to parts of the brain associated with memory.

Anti-inflammatory foods including fruit, veg sticks, and certain teas are also ideal for optimum cognition, positively influencing neuronal signalling.

2. Minimise distractions

While the playlist might be important, other noises could distract you from remembering the journey itself. Distracting information, such as engine noise or a cluttered car environment, places a burden on our working memory.

As the brain is busy processing the distracting information, our performance in other areas can decrease. So, if we want to support our visual memory to process beautiful scenery, it helps to have an uninterrupted journey with distractions minimised.

3. Really stretch your legs when you have a rest break

A bout of exercise, whether it’s some deep lunges, running on the spot, or a brief jog along the beach can help improve circulation and the secretion of neuroprotective proteins associated with the growth and development of neurons.

This acute form of exercise primes the molecular processes to encode and consolidate new memories. If you’ve got an electric vehicle that needs its battery recharging, then take this time to recharge your batteries too.

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