Driving instructors share their top tips to help learners

Driving instructors have shared their top tips to help learners pass their test first time and become the safest possible driver.

Young Driver, which teaches 10-17 year olds how to drive at 70 venues across the UK, asked 150 of its qualified driving instructors to share their top tips for learner drivers.

Below, we look at their top pieces of advice to help you pass your driving test.

Don’t copy what your peers or parents are doing behind the wheel

They may have picked up bad habits. Listen to what your driving instructor says and follow their guidance.

Be a back seat driver

Pay attention as a passenger when other people are driving. Put down the phone and watch the road to see how you would handle certain situations.

Learn to read other road users

But understand that some will not follow the rules, so you have to be able to forward plan and always ask yourself ‘what if…’. Don’t assume anything!

Learn the theory not just to pass the test but because it will make you a better driver

Of course, study before your theory test, but make sure you keep up to date with any changes to the Highway Code throughout the year.

Know your surroundings

Using your mirrors and checking blindspots needs to become second nature whenever you’re in a car, for the rest of your driving life. Always be alert to cyclists and motorcyclists.

Keep calm

Be patient and courteous – never let your temper get the better of you.

Always be willing to learn

Reflect on constructive criticism – there’s always something more we can learn. Passing your test will not be the end of your learning journey, so continue to try and improve your technique.

Remain alert

Never lose concentration for a second – that’s all it takes to have an accident or fail your test.

Practice makes perfect!

Get as much experience as possible – on the road with your instructor and private practice with a suitable family member or friend in their car. Practice really does make perfect!

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