Tips on how to operate a tail lift safely

A van that’s equipped with a tail lift makes light work of transporting large goods and heavy appliances. Luton vans are popular with our customers, especially people moving house, because they’re the largest van you’re allowed to drive on a standard UK driving licence.

  1. Turn on the isolator switch
  2. The isolator switch turns the tail lift on and off. This switch can be found in the cab area to the right of the steering wheel. It will light up red when it's switched on.

  3. Lower the platform
  4. Using the exterior control, which is located to the rear of the vehicle, press the button next to the downwards arrow. Hold the button until the platform has been lowered by about 30cm.

  5. Fold out the platform
  6. Lift up the catch to unfold the lower loading platform. You’ll find the catch to the left-hand side of the platform.

  7. Lift up the top hatch
  8. Using the lever at the top left-hand side of the top hatch, carefully lift it up until it fixes in place.

Useful things to know
  • The maximum load of the tail lift is 500kg.
  • A buzzer will ring if the tail lift is not fully closed.
  • You don’t need to switch on the ignition for the tail lift to work.

If you’re hiring one of our Luton vans and you’d like some more reassurance, the team at the branch will be more than happy to help you.