How to cope with failing your driving test

Failing your driving test can leave you feeling disappointed, frustrated and lacking in confidence. But despite this setback, it’s important to keep going and have faith that you’ll ace it one day.

Here are our top tips for getting over failing your driving test:

1) Talk it through with someone you trust

Failing your driving test can be a really upsetting experience and you might be feeling a whole mix of emotions. Take time out to talk about the experience with someone you trust who is going to empathise with you and help you get your confidence back. The last thing you need is to share with someone who isn’t very understanding – that might just make you feel worse. Also, you’ll most likely have people in your life who have failed their driving test too, so it could be worth reaching out to them for some moral support and encouragement.

2) Try not to dwell on it

You made a mistake (or perhaps, a few!) but that’s okay. Give yourself a break and try to remember that driving tests are high-pressure situations. From the stressful lesson beforehand, to shakily completing the forms in the test centre, doing your ‘show me, tell me’ questions and finally setting off on the most important road trip of your life… it’s not easy and there’s tons to think about! So, take all of this into consideration and go easy on yourself next time you’re feeling bad about it.

3) Focus on the areas you have struggled with

Let’s face it – we all love doing the elements of driving we are good at. Be honest with your driving instructor about what you don’t feel so confident about and dedicate time to honing your skills in those areas. It’s important to communicate with your instructor so they can structure your lessons in ways that will benefit you. So, if the mere thought of bay parking makes you sweat, head to your nearest quiet supermarket and get some practice in. Facing up to your weak spots will turn them into your strengths and help you feel more in control. This helpful guide also highlights the most common reasons why people fail their driving test.

4) Practice more often

The Royal Automobile Club (RAC) suggests the average learner requires around 45 hours of driving lessons and 20 hours of additional practice to pass their driving test. Work out how you can fit more practice time into your schedule. Getting out and about more often will help you feel more confident behind the wheel and cope better with any hazards that arise.

5) Book a dual control car from us

If there’s someone in your life who is aged 23 or over, and has held a full UK or EU driving licence for a minimum of three years, who is willing to be your accompanying driver, you can rent a dual control car from us. They are available from only £18 per hour, so no expensive insurance costs to contend with. Young Scot Card holders can get two hours’ dual control hire for the price of one on weekdays, too. Bargain! Find out more here.

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