Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental supports new road safety campaign for tourists

Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental is supporting a new campaign that is reminding overseas tourists to Scotland to drive on the left.

Figures from Police Scotland show inexperience of driving on the left is among the most common contributory factors for fatalities involving foreign drivers in Scotland.

The new Drive on the Left campaign, launched by Road Safety Scotland and Police Scotland, sets out to help drivers stay safe as they embark on their journey to Scotland, by sharing useful information about Scotland’s roads, which often differ from other countries, including how to navigate singe-track roads and passing places.

Drivers are urged to stay alert and be well rested to avoid switching to autopilot, which can easily happen when the roads are quiet or a driver is tired, and can cause someone to enter a roundabout the wrong way or turn onto the wrong side of the road at a junction.

Tourists are also reminded that weather conditions can change quickly in Scotland, making it even more challenging to navigate long and twisty roads.

A new look ‘Driving in Scotland’ information leaflet will be distributed when picking up a hire car and an electronic version will also be issued at the time of booking. In addition, ‘Drive on the Left’ wristbands, available in nine different languages, (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese and Chinese) and in-car stickers, will be distributed via car rental companies to remind and prompt visitors to keep left.

Jenny Gilruth, Scotland's former Minister for Transport, hopes the campaign will prepare tourists who are visiting Scotland and planning to drive.

She said: “We want all visitors to Scotland to return safely from their travels. This campaign aims to raise awareness and remind people to drive on the left at all times, which is particularly important after they’ve taken a break or when the roads are quieter.

“Scotland’s roads can be unfamiliar to visitors and that often demands more concentration. It’s easy to switch to autopilot, particularly if you are distracted, tired or driving in bad weather.

“With the recent number of devastating fatalities on the A9, it’s especially important we reach all drivers travelling on Scotland’s roads this summer. Make sure you plan ahead, take regular breaks and know the rules of the road.”

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