Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental’s guide on how to be the ultimate driving buddy

As a passenger, you might think you’re in for an easy ride.

However, just because you’re not in the driving seat, that’s not to say you don’t have an important role to play.

From DJ to navigator, there are more than a few jobs you can help out with while not at the wheel.

Check out our list below to find out how you can become the ultimate driving buddy.


Before you hit the road, why not prepare some snacks for the trip?

Of course, the old favourites of crisps and chocolate are the natural choice. However, if you’re going on a longer journey, why not fix up some sandwiches and help find a nice spot to take a break.


Arguably, the most important role - picking the tunes for the journey.

Our advice would be to prepare a playlist or CD in advance because there’s nothing worse than that awkward silence between tunes.


Whether the driver has just nailed a manoeuvre or is beginning to feel a little bit tired, make sure to keep their spirits up with compliments and words of support.


As a passenger, you may have to be that proverbial shoulder to cry on.

Listen to whatever the driver has to get off their chest, and make sure you help by giving friendly pieces of advice.


Whether you’ve programmed the destination into the sat nav or you’re reading from an app on your phone, it’s important to give the driver clear instructions and plenty of time to carry them out.


It goes without saying that if you’re the passenger, then you’re also the designated bin person. And that extends beyond that tiny recycle bin that the door pocket on your side has turned into!

And if you really want to ‘go the extra mile’, then now it’s time to shine as the most amazing driving companion; one who cares about the condition and cleanliness of the driver’s car. Get wiping those surfaces and do your very own mini on-the-road valet.

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