Driving home for Christmas? Keep calm and enjoy your journey

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

But for drivers in the UK, it can be quite the opposite as the roads become busy and traffic begins to form.

Millions of cars are expected to be on the road over the festive period with the average journey taking 75 minutes.

If you have a lengthy drive ahead of you before you get to see your nearest and dearest, then read our top tips to help you prepare and enjoy the trip.


Reduce your risk of getting lost by fully charging your phone and/or sat nav before you head off on your journey and stay alert by taking regular breaks. It is also worth stocking up on food and snacks for the trip as service stations can be pricey and often have limited choice. Having treats ready to give out will also keep passengers occupied.

Don’t push into traffic queues

No one likes being forced into giving way. If you hold back and signal clearly, you won’t wait long before another drive lets you in.

Avoid competition and resist the desire to ‘get even’

If the standard of someone else’s driving disappoints you, don’t attempt to educate or rebuke them.

Keep calm and show restraint

Every journey brings the risk of frustration and conflict. Make a pledge to be patient. Avoid using your horn and never make gestures in anger.

Simple car games

Car games are a great way to keep the whole family entertained on a road trip. Classic activities such as ‘I spy’ are free to do and loved by everyone.

Create a playlist

If you don’t fancy playing games or occupying passengers with expensive gadgets, then you could always create a playlist of your favourite Christmas songs to listen to.

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