Car insurance for new drivers

So, you’ve passed your driving test and you’re looking to get on the road.

Well, not all new drivers are teenagers, but all first-time drivers are impacted by higher insurance costs.

Whether you’re a 17-year-old new driver or a 25-year-old new driver, insurance will always be higher for your first car.

The best cars for insurance depend on which of the 50 car insurance groups they’re in. The cheapest insurance group is Group 1 and the most expensive is Group 50.

Features that define which insurance group the car falls into include the cost of replacement parts, retail value of a new model, and their safety rating.

Small cars tend to be the cheapest vehicles to insure, while first time drivers and new drivers will naturally have increased insurance.

How can I lower car insurance?

While picking a cheaper car to insure is always the biggest way to save money on insurance, you can also reduce your costs even further by getting a black box, limiting your annual mileage and protecting your no-claims bonus.

How does a black box work?

Black boxes reduce the cost of your insurance by monitoring your speed and the safety of your driving.

Limiting your mileage reduces the risk of you having an accident, so make sure you provide an accurate prediction when getting your car insurance quote.

Protecting your no-claims bonus by driving safely and maintaining your car will lower your insurance costs over time.

Who should buy cheap cars to insure?

We recommend young drivers and new drivers opt for low insurance cars. In your first year of driving, your insurance will always cost more, so you can reduce your insurance costs by opting for a cheap car to insure.

At what age does my car insurance start to go down?

Your insurance cost depends on how long you have been driving and your no-claims bonus. There is no specific age at which your car insurance reduces, it depends on how long you have been driving and whether you have had any claims on your vehicle.

Where can you get car insurance?

There are lots of companies that offer car insurance – we recommend looking around to find the best deal for you. We also offer car insurance which can be included when buying your car, too.

Is it cheaper to insure petrol or diesel cars?

Diesel cars are naturally a little more expensive than petrol cars, so insurance on diesel vehicles will also cost a little more. This is because an insurer bases payment on the worth of your car.

What about insurance for electric vehicles?

Similar to the above, as electric cars seem to be more expensive to buy than diesel or petrol, they cost more to insure. However, looking at data year on year, it shows that these premiums are reducing as more electric cars appear on the market.

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