Top 10 reasons to love travelling

‘To travel is to live’ – Hans Christian Andersen

Have you ever experienced wanderlust? That feeling of restless excitement that makes you want to pack your suitcases and visit somewhere you’ve never been before? Here are our ten reasons why travelling is a wonderful thing…

1. It opens up your eyes

In today’s cosmopolitan world, we meet people from different backgrounds all the time. But submerging yourself in other cultures really gives you a taste of how many different ways of living there are in the world... Each country has its own customs, beliefs and traditions and experiencing them will make you a well-rounded and more knowledgeable person.

2. It makes you a storyteller

Medieval scholar Ibn Battuta once wisely said: ‘Travel leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller’. When you travel, things happen to you – whether it’s an experience with someone you just met, or a culturally awkward situation. And all of these experiences make great stories for when you come back. After all, no story starts with: ‘I was sitting in my living room, when…’

3. It puts your life in perspective

When you travel and meet different people, you start to realise what’s important and what isn’t. Suddenly, your day-to-day worries seem so insignificant and far away. Also, you might be away from your family and friends, which will make you appreciate them far more when you get back!

4. It gets you out of your comfort zone

Of course, you can challenge yourself at home too, but it’s a whole different story when you’re travelling. Shy about your Spanish? If you’re in the middle of Barcelona, you might need to practice it whether you’re comfortable or not. You might also be exposed to different kinds of food you wouldn’t ordinarily eat, but you’ll try it anyway, right?

5. It helps you develop skills

Travelling keeps your brain ticking over and allows you to develop new skills you never knew you had. In a short time, you can find yourself trying to speak the locals’ language (even if it’s just a few words). It also makes you smarter- you can learn interesting facts and include them in conversations when you’re back! Travelling helps you develop you social skills, too, forcing even the shyest person to approach people and communicate with them. This honing of skills happens organically through your travel experiences , making you grow as a person.

6. It’s a great way to make friends

You really never know who you might meet. It’s good to keep an open mind, as every person who you befriend during your travels could potentially inspire you. Who knows – you might be friends forever!

7. It helps you move on

Whatever you are struggling with in life, travelling could help you deal with it. Getting away from it all can help you clear your head and put negative experiences behind you.

8. Get to know yourself

Travelling is not always about reaching a certain destination, but coming to terms with yourself. Experiencing things and meeting different people makes you more empathetic and understanding. It can also show you what you really want from life. Think Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love ….

9. It makes you younger

… at least in spirit! Getting out of your daily routine can give your body and mind a boost. Good weather, relaxing nature around you and a refreshing drink in your hand are all guaranteed to help you feel good.

10. It’s something you will never forget

Whether you go away for a week or a year, you will always remember how you felt and who you met. Travelling can give you new friends, funny stories to tell and memories that can last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for – get up and get going!

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