The weirdest driving laws in the world

Driving is hard enough on its own, but what if you find yourself driving in a country where you will be fined if there is a gorilla in the backseat of you car (as in Massachusetts) or where you are obliged to have windscreen wipers even if you don’t have a windscreen (like in Luxembourg). And these weird laws are just the beginning…

1. Keep the tank full

In Germany it’s illegal to run out of fuel on the motorway (a.k.a Autobahn). Yep, you heard right! The logic behind this is that there are often no speed limits on the motorway and stopping or breaking down is illegal as it might cause a chain car crash. If you don’t comply with this law, you might be facing a six-month driving ban – or some time in prison. So don’t forget to make a stop at the Tankstelle before you hop on the Autobahn!

2. One beer is fine

According to driving laws in Costa Rica, you can have a little beverage before or as you are driving! It might sound crazy, as most countries in the European Union operate at a drink-drive limit of 50 mg per litre of blood, but as long as your blood alcohol level is less than 0.75 miligrams of alcohol per litre of blood, you’re alright in Costa Rica. This doesn’t mean that you should go crazy and arrive in a drunken stupor, but authorities in this Central American country don’t seem to mind if you’ve had a drink or two. A bad idea regardless if you ask us!

3. Off to the carwash

If you are driving in Russia, make sure your motor is squeaky clean. It seems that according to Russian authorities, a little mud can hurt because if you drive a dirty car, you could face charges of up to 2000 roubles (around £15). Moreover, the law doesn’t even state what exactly classifies as dirty, leaving it to the police officer to decide.

4. Look underneath the car

Drivers in Denmark are obliged to check there are no sleeping children under their car. So if you ever find yourself driving around Copenhagen or another Danish city, take a look underneath your car before you take off – you never know what you might find there…

5. Do. Not. Eat.

Most drivers in Britain wouldn’t mind having a drink or a snack while driving (or a full-blown meal if you’re really busy!) However you need to abandon this habit if you are ever driving around Cyprus. The authorities have made it illegal to eat food of any kind, or drink of any kind – including water – while behind the wheel. Good thing Cyprus is not a warm country…

6. Keep your eyes peeled

Apparently in Alabama, USA, its illegal to drive blindfolded. You don’t say. This is a pretty obvious law, however it made us think – what has happened in the past that necessitated this rule to be introduced?

7. Mind the animals

In South Africa animals hold just as much importance for drivers as pedestrians. Quite right if you ask us! The authorities have introduced a law that obliges drivers and motorists to slow down or stop whenever a herd of animals is crossing the road. So, why did the chicken cross the road?

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