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Save it for the bad weather

Ever wonder what to pack in your car for bad weather? Here are 10 things to take with you when the elements are against you.

1. Water

It might seem like something you’d pack for the summer, but if you get stuck in bad weather, you need to stay hydrated. When you’re setting off on a journey it’s a good idea to keep a large bottle of water in the boot, just in case.

2. Food

In bad weather you can be waiting in traffic queues for a long time so it would be sensible to have some food in the car with you. Something healthy like granola bars or even a bag of fruit will keep you going until the road clears.

3. Mobile Phone

Most people wouldn’t leave the house without their phones, but make sure your phone is fully charged before you embark on a journey in bad weather. It’s also always a good idea to have a spare in-car charger packed just in case you need it. Better to be safe than sorry.

4. Blanket or a heavy jacket

Keeping warm is very important, especially during the cold weather. During 2010 all over the UK, the weather was so bad that drivers were stuck in their cars for hours due to road closures. If a car is stuck for hours, you can’t keep the engine running and blast the heating –so it’s crucial to have a blanket and/or a heavy jacket to keep you warm.

5. Walking boots, gloves and a scarf

In the event that you might have to abandon your car, it is always a great idea to have walking boots and the appropriate outwear to keep you comfortable and make it easier to walk in bad weather conditions.

6. Personal ID

Whatever the weather, carry a driving licence or identification with your name and address on it. In the UK, the police have the right to ask for a valid licence, and failure to produce it might lead to prosecution. In an emergency or accident, it can also help to find out your name.

7. Shovel

It might seem dramatic, but if there’s snow on the ground, you might want to pack a shovel in case you hit an area with heavy snowfall and have to clear the ground ahead of you, or dig yourself out.

8. Ice scraper/de-icer

Unfortunately, the weather is not 100% predictable and on cold days it is best to carry de-icer in order to defrost the car. It’s also sensible to have your screen wash filled up during long journeys in order to avoid the dirty roads affecting your windscreen and vision.

9. First aid kit

A first aid kit provides all necessary supplies in the one location. Being on the roads in bad weather can lead to a few potential bumps and scrapes, so it’s important to carry these supplies in order to help yourself or others around you.

10. Torch and spare batteries

Many people use their mobile phone as a torch, but if you get stuck, you’re going to need to conserve your battery power. Carry a flashlight with you for a stronger beam, in case you need to leave your car in bad weather or locate a problem under the bonnet.

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