7 reasons why October is amazing

OK, so summer is gone, along with the sunny days and warm nights… but don’t be so quick to despair! October is one of the best months of the year, and here’s why…

1. At least it’s not November

November is like that awkward cousin at family parties who never has an opinion about anything. November is technically an autumn month but it’s often as cold as December – if not more so! There are also no real holidays to keep the spark in your eyes (unlike October, which has that famous holiday… but we’ll talk about that in a minute). So just be grateful that it’s not November.

2. Pumpkin everything

Yes, October heralds the grand return of the pumpkin latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice doughnut, pumpkin burger… you get the point. Pumpkin flavour is ubiquitous in October, and as it’s so delicious, it’s one of our top reasons to love this month. Some things however should not have a pumpking flavour...

3. Halloween

Pumpkin leads us nicely to our next point – Halloween! Traditionally, this holiday is associated with witches, ghosts and all things evil, however it’s now become another reason to party and celebrate. Costumes have changed as well –from the more ‘traditional’ vampires and werewolves to dressing up like pop stars and Disney characters. Also, you can eat all the Halloween candy you like from the 1st October without any judgment or need to explain yourself.

4. Sweater weather

It’s not too warm, and it’s not too cold either. It’s perfect. There’s no need for air conditioning anymore and you might not need to put on the heating just yet either. All you need is your favorite sweater to make you feel comfy and cosy.

5. TV Shows

After being on a summer hiatus, all your favorite TV shows are coming back. Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Scorpion and so many more are (fortunately!) coming back into our lives. There are tonnes of new season shows and let’s not forget all those classic Halloween movies: Hocus Pocus, anyone? Your only problem will be how to make time to see them all.

6. Christmas countdown

As soon as the Halloween bonanza is finished (or even before it), it’s time for the Christmas countdown! That warm feeling of Christmas starts creeping in and the holiday excitement begins. And if you’re really organised, Christmas shopping can start in October as well…

7. Oktoberfest

Whether you actually go to Germany to celebrate the world’s largest Volkfest, or you have your own little Oktoberfest-themed party, it’s definitely one of the highlights of October. Through the years, this festival has grown in popularity not just in Europe but all over the world – and nowadays almost every big city hosts its own Oktoberfest. But remember, don’t take the car!

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