See Scotland in four days: Itinerary 1

Spring has sprung. This means that it’s time for adventures. Road trips don’t need to cost a fortune – and this is where we come in with our latest offer. You will be on the road for 4 days, only paying for 2. Where is the catch? There isn’t one. Apart from the catch you might land when fishing in Lake District on Day three of your road trip.

Below is our first road trip from a series of five. We have put it together and yes, it’s pretty amazing! In just four days, you will be able to explore the beautiful beaches of Aberdeen, the breathtaking landscape of Loch Lomond, the historic and modern sides of Glasgow and the world-famous Lake District. Simply read on.

Itinerary 1: Aberdeen to Loch Lomond to Lake District

Day one

Aberdeen to Loch Lomond

Your trip starting point is, naturally, the Rental branch (having a car is an important element of a road trip….). In Aberdeen, you will find us conveniently located on Canal Road. This is great news because we are only 10 minutes way from Aberdeen Airport, so that after you drop off your car when you’ve finished this road trip you can just jet off to Tenerife. Sweet.

On your first day, you can do a bit of exploring in Aberdeen – after all, you have the car for four days so there is plenty of time! Your first stop should definitely be the beautiful Aberdeen beach, famous for its golden sands. The easiest way to get there is to jump on the A96 and then onto West North Street, before merging onto Beach Boulevard, which will take you right where you want to be - in just over 10 minutes. Here you can stock up on food and drink from the local shops, since you have a long drive ahead of you.

After you’re done enjoying the beach, you can drive back along the Beach Boulevard and then hop on the A956, following the signs to get to the A90, which will take you out of Aberdeen and to Loch Lomond. For some time on your drive you’ll be able to enjoy the sights of the beautiful North-East Coast, until you reach Stonehaven. As soon as you reach Perth, you will come off the A90 and merge onto the M90 for a short distance, before hopping on the A9. Then, all you need to do is to go onto the A811 and then the A82 – which will take you straight to your final destination of day one. In normal road conditions, this drive should take about five hours to complete.

When you start approaching Loch Lomond, you’ll know it. The breathtaking scenery of the loch cannot be missed. Considering you’ve been driving for so long, your first stop should definitely be somewhere you can refuel – with some real Scottish food. Our suggestion would be the Drovers Inn as it’s renowned for its quality dining. It prides itself on providing ‘three centuries of Scottish hospitality’. Another great place where you can eat and stay is the beautiful Ardlui Hotel, which offers ‘authentic country house cooking’. Our tip – make sure you pre-book your accommodation because hotels around Loch Lomond tend to be very busy, all year round.

Day two

Loch Lomond to Glasgow

You were probably too tired to go for a wander last night, so make sure you’ve set your alarm clock early and go on a walk around Loch Lomond. If you are lucky enough and it’s sunny, there is no other place you’d rather be than here. There is plenty to do – both on land and in water. You can spend the morning walking, climbing or horse-riding around the loch, or canoeing, fishing and water skiing – whatever you heart desires!

After all that fun, some nice lunch and a strong coffee you’ll be ready to head to Scotland’s biggest city – Glasgow. You’re looking at a just over an hour’s drive down the A82 and then on to the M8, which will lead you nicely into the city centre. You can find a space in the parking areas near the Buchanan Galleries and then go for a walk down Argyle Street or Buchanan Street. There is so much to see in Glasgow city centre – the beautiful Cathedral and the Necropolis, George Square, Strathclyde University and there are many places to shop and eat there too. There is also an abundance of affordable hotels so you can stay over without spending a fortune. Don’t miss the West End of the city too – with the University of Glasgow, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, the Botanic Gardens and Byres Road.

Day three

Glasgow to Carlisle to the Lake District

The M8 southbound will take you out of Glasgow and the quickest way to Carlisle is to jump onto the M74 and then the M6 to the Lake District. The drive shouldn’t take more than two hours, which doesn’t seem very long but we strongly recommend you stop for coffee in Carlisle as driving tired is very dangerous. Once you have rested a while, you can return to the M6, which will take you right to the Lake District in less than an hour. Get ready for an afternoon of fun in one of Britain’s most popular tourist destinations. The Lake District National Park is England’s largest national park and offers many attractions including water sports, boating, animal attractions and history lessons. You can even catch your own fish for dinner. If you choose to stay over, the hotels around the Lake can be quite pricey so you can always drive back and stay in Carlisle if you’re on a budget.

Day four

Carlisle to Aberdeen

On your last day, you have an exciting drive back ahead of you. The best way to return is past Glasgow, (via the A74 , the M73 and then the M80) via Stirling (get on the A9) and then to Aberdeen on the A90.

Don’t forget that you could drop the car off at our Carlisle branch – for your convenience, as long as you let the Aberdeen branch know in advance. Read our terms of hire

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